2015 was a year of success and development but also a year marked with challenges......
The riding season began early at Bear creek with a warm Spring but also by July, Bear creek was closed for most of 2 weeks due to forest fire and rider safety concerns.

Tolko industries ltd. began logging within our recreation site this year and will resume again in 2016. The logging activities resulted in trail closures and at some points made it difficult for riders to access the different areas of Bear creek. So this season was not perfect, but Trevor Timmer (OTRA employee) did a great job reopening trails
and access to trails asap.

Okanagan Trail Riders members can be very grateful for Trevor Timmer' s continued dedication to the Bear Creek Recreation Site. If there is a particular trail you enjoy, chances are that "Super T" had a hand in constructing it! Above and beyond his employment with OTRA , he volunteered in excess of 520 hrs in 2015. We are all very fortunate to have such a fantastic motorized recreation site developing right in our back yards! In 2015 many enhancing projects were completed and add greatly to the recreation site, such as:

  • Single track construction and double track improvements
  • Aspen campsite day use site area improvements with additional outhouse installed
  • Expanded parking area at Aspen trail head developed, with an events set up area established and loading/unloading ramp surface recap
  • The skills park fencing completed

Some of these projects were funded in part by BCORMA and the National Trail Coalition funding program from the Canadian federal government. BCORMA chose Bear Creek this year to assist with some projects we had ready to go for 2015. For some wondering what BCORMA does when asked to buy a membership in this Provincial body, they supply trail building funding to a number of riding areas throughout the Province like Bear Creek. Also, they advocate to the Provincial government on behalf of motorized trail users. Most recently BCORMA was successful in lobbying for a decal method for motorcycle registration vs. a metal plate, to be rolled out upon completion of the final legislation.

More projects are scheduled for 2016 with another Federal government funding initiative which celebrates Canada 's 150th birthday. Both the NTC funding and the Canada 150 funding required considerable time and effort by the OTRA executive in successfully applying for them.

On behalf of OTRA and membership I really want to say Thank you to RSTBC (Recreation Sites and Trails British Columbia )for their continued support for Bear creek .Without this support, Bear creek would not be what it is today. The province has invested a very large amount of money into Bear creek and motorized recreation for everyone to enjoy!

When you consider all of the invested money and the ongoing efforts by many people and how AWESOME ,totally AWESOME Bear creek is, the annual OTRA membership season pass is truly very affordable and a very good value!

Keeping OTRA and Bear Creek running and growing is no easy feat, and requires hours and hours of volunteer support. In 2015 some valued and tenured volunteers chose a well deserved break after multiple years of service. We thank Wendy Dyck and Dave Horkoff for many years and thousands of combined hours of service to OTRA and
Bear Creek.

While these words hardly begin to express the gratitude we as riders should be expressing to this gentleman, for years of lobbying and instigating Bear Creek as a riding area, along with a lifetime of passionately volunteered hours, I have to say a GIANT thanks to Terry Burke on behalf of OTRA and its members. Further inside these pages
you will see Terry's tireless efforts were recognized at the Provincial level too!

We hope that these amazing volunteers inspire new ones to come forward in 2016. It is a challenge at times in our busy lives to find the time to give to OTRA, and I am very grateful to those people who did contribute, especially those who stayed the course of the year. Together we performed a necessary function and made some positive steps forward, for the betterment of Okanagan trail riders.

The OTRA executive requires at least 5 directors each year to operate and also volunteers to coordinate special events. Contact us on the website if you think you can spare a few hours to keep the legacy going and growing. I am happy to give back to the sport that has given me so much, and I believe in Bear creek! That is why I volunteer.

Perhaps next AGM, you will come forward! Interested in filling a necessary position?


Daniel Jabbusch
President OTRA

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