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January 2006 Edition

Presidents Ramble

Your association has seen unprecedented growth in the last 3 weeks…. 41 NEW paid members to be exact along with numerous prospective members! Given the holidays and the time of year this is significant. Much of this growth is attributed to the renewed involvement of dealers from both Vernon and Kelowna (in particular M&M Performance, Valley Moto Sport, Four Seasons Motor Sports, and Kal Lake Moto Sports) along with the special efforts of Bernie Bloomfield, Terry Burke and one of our newest members Bob Ames. One of the tools making recruiting and communicating with members manageable is our new website http://www.OkanaganTrailRiders.com . We owe a great deal to Darcy Detlor (another new member) for donating his time and expertise to develop the OTR website on a completely volunteer basis. Given Darcy’s’ very busy schedule this is extraordinary! OTR recognized Darcy recently by honouring him with a life membership. With help from Terry Burke our website is now up and running and improving every week!

Our focus this year is to build value to our members. Our stewardship efforts are now more important than ever due to the attack BEAR CREEK has been under by Lakeview Irrigation District management. Ron Irnie has spearheaded our response to LID and the whole executive has been extremely busy campaigning to ensure Bear Creek remains open to you. After 4 ½ years of consensus bargaining by OTR representatives to secure Bear Creek as a government designated riding area we have no intention of giving in to the unsubstantiated “fear mongering” of LID Management. This battle is far from over and strong membership numbers along with good organization has never been more crucial than right now. We need the support of every rider in the Okanagan Valley if we are to keep this area we have worked so hard for. If you are not aware of the campaign to close BEAR CREEK I strongly recommend you take the time to view the Press Conference video in its entirety.

Our first meeting of the year was well attended by new and old. A highlight for me personally was to see the youth movement come out led by Cody Hibbert. Cody is in grade school, rides a KDX 220 and won the first event he entered! Another event which got me enthused was the approval of a motion to have all the funds from our Sheriffs Report each meeting go towards the Alf Klassen Memorial Trail. Although Terry Burke was on his best behavior at the meeting he still remains the main contributor to this fund. Thanks Terry. We also received an enlightening presentation from another new member, Ken Langedyk, who has extensive consulting background to the Forest Industry on watershed issues. I have a feeling Ken services will be very valuable to us in the future!

On January 13th-15th your executive dedicated a weekend at Idabel Lake Resort to attend our first Executive Retreat. The focus of this weekend was to plan our Calendar of Events for 2006, prepare our annual budget and smoke a few cigars. The Calendar of Events is now posted on our website. Some of the highlights of this year will be to enhance the Alf Klassen Trail and a Perimeter Trail of Bear Creek to a high standard including signage and trail heads in the staging areas. We will be looking for volunteer help on these projects along with donations from local businesses to provide materials. Other highlights include many riding opportunities including our first ever Dual Sport ride. There will be ample opportunities for new members to get involved in helping to make all these events a great success. I would ask those of you interested in helping out to contact this writer. Special recognition goes to Steve Mills of Four Seasons in Vernon for volunteering to chair the Family Fun Day event. This enthusiasm and commitment is notable as Steve is a brand new member!! One other Calendar item that is important to note is “Bear Creek Awareness Week”. Ron Irnie will be chairing this event and it will be an opportunity to educate riders on responsible riding practices in the Bear Creek area. This will give our association a high profile and let the public know the truth about what we are all about. There is so much more I am stoked about and I can’t stress enough how sincere we are in welcoming new members to get involved this year in an event or two (or more) that interests you.

Several new items have been added to the Forum page on the site, for example we have a Swap Meet thread, where members can place items for sale, if you do not have a place to host a picture of your item for sale, you can email it Terry Burke at terry.burke@okanagantrailriders.com and I will link it to your item.

Thanks for reading this ramble and I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on the first Tuesday of February.

Yours in Off-Road Riding,


Ken Umbarger
Okanagan Trail Riders


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