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Ken Umbarger has transformed the Okanagan Trail Riders Association with his dedication and vision. His belief in what "should be", for an active group of recreational adults, has permanently raised the future expectations of all club members.



YAHOO! It’s riding season and good things are in the works. Our Annual General Meeting was well attended and a superb executive was elected. Last years executive had an unprecedented year on all fronts!

The addition of Adrian van Nieuwkerk was a shot of adrenaline and his fingerprints were all over many successes, none the least the Riding Clinics and this year’s Calendar’s and Club Riding Jerseys. Adrian will focus on the overall marketing efforts of our club this year and with the help of Lorne Scott (Social Director) will inject a big dose of FUN in all our events.

Jack Pyke stepped up to fill the role of secretary and brings us his business acumen and team spirit.

Frank Braeuer has, as always, been an inspiration and carries on the duties of treasurer. While we’re on the topic of fun, Frank’s ride down to Colville was unbelievable!

Last years executive have all committed to another season and we have added two dynamic new executive members to the fold. Terry Burke has passed the membership torch to Carol Boyd and we all know the energy and passion Carol has for our sport! For those of you who have had the pleasure of riding with Carol, you know she is a great role model and ambassador for getting the lady’s on two wheels.

Wendy Dyck will act as Communications Director. This is an important position given the outstanding job Terry did last year in building our membership. Wendy brings a high level of talent and energy to this role. Wendy and Carol will make quite a tandem when it comes to recruiting new members. We are all very encouraged by the enthusiasm, ideas and talent added to the team.

While we are on the subject of communications, where would we be without the fantastic website Darcy Detlor created and maintained for our club? Darcy’s talent and ongoing dedication cannot be measured. Thanks Darcy!

Terry Burke will remain on the executive as the Land Resource Management representative; a role Terry has filled for over a decade. Terry has spearheaded a new Provincial Organization called the BC Off Road Motorcycle Association (BCORMA) which has been formed to speak on behalf of Off Road Motorcycle Associations throughout the Province with a strong united voice and to provide legitimate avenues for motorcycle manufacturers to funnel funding for the preservation and enhancement of off road motorcycle riding. Terry recently attended a National Off Road Vehicle workshop in Virginia and has returned with valuable resources and information as well as his sound testing certification. Unreasonable noise from after market pipes remains the sports biggest enemy and source of conflict with other stakeholders. One of our clubs key goals is to make an appreciable difference in curbing this foe by educating the off road community of damage it causes all of us and some simple solutions. Stealth is cool!

Our supporting dealers deserve a huge level of thanks for their generosity throughout the year. They deserve our loyalty and patronage! Thanks Barry, Terry, Ray, Steve, Al, Shaun and Kim for all the prizes and help with building our membership.

For those members who volunteered last year, we know you will feel a special part of the momentum our club carries into 2007. This will be a ground breaking year in our Province and for our association. We are about to receive unprecedented support from our MLA and friend the Honorable Rick Thorpe and the efforts of the Integrated Land Management Bureau. I will save the details for the press but we should be thankful for politicians and bureaucrats with the courage and vision to address our sport issues and needs. We will soon have the tools and resources to take a quantum leap! I know you are all up to the challenge. See you on the trails!

Ken Umbarger,

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