-In efforts to protect and maintain access to riding opportunities within our area and beyond, the Organized Motorcycle Clubs of the Interior have negotiated and established these following suggestions for use of our campsites, trails and riding areas, and encourage voluntary compliance of the following listed values

  • Yield to logging traffic and watch for Forestry Workers
  • Avoid wetland and marshy areas
  • Avoid hill climbs next to and above creeks and roadways

 -Large grass area's are grazing for our local rancher's livestock, lower your impact, and stay to roads or the outside edge, remember, it protects your sport

  • Report illegal dumping and vandalism, they are the enemy of all recreationalists.
  • Pack out what you pack in
  • Respect the right of others to enjoy the area your in

-Be extremely careful in fragile alpine areas, your help will protect our access to these pristine wilderness areas

  • Yield to other riders moving uphill
  • Do not disturb the wildlife or cattle; leave gates as you found them
  • Respect public and private property

-Recognize what sport or interest shares the trail your on, and limit your impact to what would be acceptable to them; e.g. Snowmobile Trails

  • Slow down and use caution when approaching others, and keep to the right
  • Use courtesy when meeting horse back riders, stop on lower part of trail
  • Your Organized Motorcycle Clubs of the Interior also recognize that responsible shared use of our Parks and Forestry Recreation Campsites will gain us access to more riding areas, and encourage the riders to not ride, or allow children to ride within the improved areas of these sites. We request that all riders exit responsibly, avoiding excessive dust and noise in campsites, and along the edge of lakes and campsites that are frequented by other campers and fishermen.

-While these values are aimed at securing a better future for the sport, we need your help in promoting them.   We need your help in promoting them ...your help will assist the Clubs efforts towards, Over Regulation of OUR SPORT

Support Project Stealth: Excessive noise near campsites, lakes and other shared areas is detrimental to our sport!

Participating clubs:   -The Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association

                     -The Okanagan Trail Riders Association


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