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August 2006

Adrian's Report

I would like to report on two really fun events held the weekend of July 22nd and 23rd at the Bear Creek Upper Pits.



Instructors Mark Cahill and Jamie Skinner with young enthusiasts at the July 22nd Dirt Bike Clinic.

With much thanks and praise going to our two first class instructors Mark Cahill and Jamie Skinner I am pleased to report the OTR’s first annual off road dirt bike clinic held July 22, 2006 was a huge success! We signed up 18 new club members and attracted a total of 33 enthusiasts from all over the Okanagan Valley and as far away as from Vancouver. Participants ranged in ability from beginners to advanced and in age from 6 to 60, and judging from the amount of praise we received for the event it was obvious that everyone came away excited having learned something “pearl” that would make them better rider. (Yikes check out the below log jump pictures of dare devil Carol Boyd, ring leader of the Okanagan Dirt Galz, and the influence she is having on my once controllable wife). In summary, we received so much support for the event that we are currently in discussions for another clinic in October. Once again we are totally stoked about having the Cahill and Skinner team champion the event, but the story keeps getting better! Rumour has it that we may be further privileged by having another local hero Ian McKill join the team as a third instructor. Stay tuned this thing is getting really cool!

OTR members: Carol Boyd and Christine van Nieuwkerk of the Okanagan Dirt Galz.


As Ken has already mentioned the Fun Day was a total hoot! Steve Mill of Four Seasons Motorsports is well deserving of huge round of applause. Not only did he give up a much needed day of rest to come to lead the day, he did a terrific job of researching some really cool games that were not only fun, but interestingly made good use of many of the riding tips we learned the day earlier at clinic. My favourite was the event where my 8 year old son Mikhail and I raced against the clock as a team with a 4’ piece of string tapped between our handle bars. The challenge being to ride together as fast as you could around trees and rocks, up hills and down hills, and stay in close enough proximity at all times that you did not break the string. The fastest team with their strings in tact won the event. We didn’t win and as a result we did not come away with the ultimate prize… a toilet plunger and an Elmo Sesame Street Visor, but we did come away proud of our second place finish (or was it third?). What a blast and many thanks to my wife Christine/fellow dirt biker who did an awesome job of rounding up some really hilarious prizes.



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