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We are looking for trail patrol volunteers. These guys look like they need some guidance.



OTRA will be asking for members to train with RecConnect to become Trail Patrol Volunteers. The program is geared toward having a positive and exciting dynamic between OTRA volunteers and the thousands of riders that will be accessing Bear Creek this riding season. We will be teaching the how-to’s of positive encounters and exchanges, correct sound testing, what the boundaries and limits are for trail patrol volunteers and how to record this information for future tabulation. Most of all, how to keep each and every exchange always upbeat and fun.

Date: July 18 & 19 8:30am until 12:30pm Saturday will be training. Check this space for the location. Sunday will be practical experience at the Lower Pits Volunteer patrol shirts available

Dick and Joani Dufourd have trained many people and have proven techniques to ensure positive outcomes. Last year we encountered over 650 riders, talking about the changes in the riding area, and it was an overall great experience - one the riders were eager to embrace.

Without this educational component we will have a much harder time getting our message across and having it accepted positively. The time we put into education will be time less needed for enforcement.

To sign up contact phone: 541-419-1979



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