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Motorized Trail Fees are in effect



$15/day per OHV vehicle
Season passes are also available.

Bear Creek Day Passes and Season Passes are available at:

Bear Creek OHV Recreation Site (Weekends, May through October).

and at the following dealerships:

M&M Performance
Banner Recreation
Kelowna Yamaha
Valley MotoSport (West Kelowna & Kelowna)
Kelowna Honda Powerhouse
Redline Cycle/ATV/Sled

To obtain Bear Creek Season Passes online, go here:

Bear Creek OHV Trail Pass

When the Bear Creek OHV project first commenced, the eventual funding for the day to day expenses, and minor/major capital improvements for the area, were planned to have come from two probable future sources:


1) Trail Pass sales from an OHV Provincial Organization (BCORMA)


2) a portion of the proposed BC OHV Registration Fees (policy implementation still in process).

Neither of these sources has proven to be a legal/financial reality at this time, much to the frustration of those working to make those 2 systems the perfect support system for all Riding Areas in B.C.

OTRA knew that a reduction in funding from Recreation Sites and Trails BC (RSTBC) would occur in 2012, with no further funding guaranteed past the fall of 2012. RSTBC is unable to focus on one project for overly long.

In the Fall of 2011, and again in 2012, OTRA made application to BC Gaming. While we knew it was a long shot we were, nonetheless, very disappointed to be advised that we weren't eligible. Clarification is being requested but the reality is that no funding will be forthcoming.

As the “model” project for Managed OHV use, all services and capital development at Bear Creek have been of the highest standards. We strive to be viewed as the potential ideal standard for development of future Trail Systems in the Province of British Columbia and in Canada. While this is admirable it has meant that development has not gone as quickly as we all naively envisioned when first beginning. The area still requires much further infrastructure development. Previous Club revenue sources could not meet the operational needs, so OTRA was urged to work toward other, more permanent, sources of funding. While OTRA certainly preferred to not have to implement a Bear Creek OHV Trail Pass, the reality is that regular Club Funds alone will never be able to meet the standards or scope aimed for, or required, at Bear Creek.

In May of 2012 a Bear Creek OHV Trail Pass system was implemented for those who use the area, much along the lines of other types of Recreation Sites in the Okanagan Valley. Bear Creek OHV Season Passes automatically include an OTRA Membership. Those who prefer not to become a member of OTRA do have the option of declining a Membership.

We appreciate your support of the new system and realize that some may not recognize the value for yourselves. Hopefully you will recognize the value in having at least one area in the Okanagan Valley that is geared to those who would like to have a more family and user-friendly experience while riding. Also, we hope you will recognize the need to support OTRA’s goal of protecting your riding areas in general.


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